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The Pricing Conundrum: Understanding Pricing Strategy Dynamics For SMEs

Today’s operating environment is becoming complex and tougher more so for the SMEs. There are many problems that are encountered by entrepreneurs throughout the course of managing their business. However, pricing strategy remains one of the most challenging...


The Power of A Unique Selling Proposition

Being ahead of competition is one thing many business owners share. While on the other hand, on the consumers´ side, they are bombarded with an overload of brands seeking their attention as each brand seeks to make a sale. This has made many consumers weary...


The Art and Evolution of Influencer Marketing

The rise of Social Media brought about significant changes in the ways people interact with one another and also how companies relate with their consumers. Influencer marketing just happens to be one of those revolutionary methods transforming the way companies interact with their consumers.


The Art of Story Telling in Marketing

Is marketing an art or science? This is perhaps one of the most popular opening remarks in marketing classes. We all know that art is fluid while science follows a set of empirical principles thus considered to be a bit rigid. This discussion does not have a conclusive answer to...


State of Relationship Marketing in Kenya

Relationship marketing and customer relationship management have taken a central position in marketing strategy in the past two decades. A confluence of factors, including the transition to service-based economies; advances in communication, logistics, and...


One or Many "Africas"? Business Implications of Africa´s Diversity

I start off on a light note – some 5 years ago, I was on a business trip to one of the South East Asia countries, as I left the airport in a taxi, and the first question the driver asked me was whether I was from Nigeria. When I said no, he went ahead to ask whether I was from...