SMD Consulting Associates Position Statement on Coronavirus Outbreak in Kenya

Date Issued: 17th March 2020

As the Coronavirus Pandemic persists, we’re all aware of the changes that need to be made to prevent the further spread of illness. We’re now in a position where we must consider your health safety and our businesses welfare.

In the wake of the reports on Coronavirus cases in the country and the resulting government guidance issued on 12th March 2020, SMD Consulting Associates will be taking into account health safety measures that will affect its operations in the intervening period.

In this regard, we are cutting back on our physical client service interactions henceforth until such a time that the government will pronounce the country to be free of COVID-19. In the interim, client service engagements will be done through mediated communication ─ Emails, Instant Messaging & Video Telephony.

We remain hopeful that the prevailing health crisis will be resolved and that we will resume normal operations where we will continue serving you with honour and distinction. For any further enquiry, get in touch vide the contacts below.

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